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Welcome to the digital government age, where every Federal Agency has software at its core

Government agencies must improve the level of service to their citizen stakeholders and increase the efficiency of their internal workers. While modern IT practices such as Agile and DevOps hold the promise of unparalleled speed, improved quality, and greater cost efficiency, federal environments are complex, and concerns for security, compliance, and governance of change (while still keeping systems of record available and secure) can seem like insurmountable obstacles to energizing the organization and fostering innovation.

Steel Thread Software bridges the gap between business and technology for forward-leaning Federal Government agencies. Our goal is to increase the capabilities while decreasing response times and costs. We help agencies streamline, simplify and automate processes to capitalize on the benefits of cloud-enabled Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery approaches that turn the complexity of operating in the digital age into a mission advantage and better serve the public’s needs. Agencies leverage our subject matter expertise and deep understanding of software development and delivery acceleration approaches to shift from the past and break down organizational silos that impede mission value success.Learn How We Can Help

What Are Your Agency's Digital Delivery Challenges?
Your agency objectives are expanding. Your customers want top-notch service and timely access to bigger and better data. Your employees and contractors are demanding more. But you need to do more with less. What will you do? Massive project teams and Waterfall are out. Lean and Agile are in, but few agencies have the technical expertise or discipline to deliver.
Federal agencies trust our experts to guide critical projects through successful implementation and adoption of tranformative application development and delivery tools, techniques and processes. We are committed to helping government agencies select and implement the best solution at the best possible value, and have an unsurpassed track record of exceptional past performance establishing lasting Agile DevOps best practices within highly regulated environments where IT services processes must be governed and audited, systems must be hardened and secured, and senstive data must always be safeguarded.
Strategy & Planning
Envision. Execute. Improve.

Chart your future with in-depth strategy consulting and planning.

We help agencies make sense of industry trends to help them successfully navigate IT change.

Agile Transformation

We help you adopt Agile methods and XP engineering best practices to improve your business agility and help you respond even faster to increased demand for higher quality systems.


Break down the barriers between your IT Dev & Ops teams. Foster collaborative working relationships that increase throughput while building highly resilient production environments.

Continuous Delivery

Take your software delivery to the next level. Accelerate your time-to-market and maximize business value with repeatable, reliable and predictable automated deployment pipelines.

Join a company making a difference

Join our team and you'll work on ground-breaking cloud-enabled Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery solutions that advance the goals of the federal government.

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